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Adding Additional Users to your Account

In case you want to allow someone to share data with you from a non-MAPC account, ShareFile allows you to create an account for them so that they can upload data and collaborate.

1.      In the sidebar, select People. Then, click Manage Users Home.


2.      Select Create Client.


3.      Fill out basic info like Client name, company, and email, you may leave the password area blank or fill it out so that the password is known to you. You can also add Clients to folders shared by you so they show up the first time the Client signs in.

a.      Assign Folders gives them access to a specific folder

b.      Distribution Groups (if already set up) give Clients access to certain folders based on their association.

c.       Copy Folder Access from Existing User gives the Client the exact same permissions and access as an existing client you can select.

d.      It’s recommended that you set the password, and uncheck the “Can change password” box. This makes it easier for IT to troubleshoot any problems the client has with ShareFile.

4.      After hitting Create Account, you will be able to edit the notification email the Client will get about their account being created. Make any edits you want to make:

a.      Telling the client their password (their username is their email)

b.      Telling them to visit to log into their account

5.      Press Notify. The new client has been created.


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